When surrounded by darkness your entire life, would you eventually succumb to it?

After a lifetime of abuse, betrayal and loss, artist and painter Chase Romano wanted the misery to end. But as the echoes of the past slashed at his dreams, a final purpose appeared inevitable. In a last-ditch effort to right his wrongs, Chase seized a glimmer of light from Mr. Leonard Bazzi, a New York City mob enforcer.

Bazzi, or Mr. Baz, as he preferred to be called, promised Chase the world. What he got was so much worse. What he got was hell.

The Accursed, the first of The Victim of Fate series, shoves readers into a thought-provoking, dark narrative about choices, temptation, and the ultimate price for failure.

Some questions should never be answered.

For three years, Heather Andreasen compromised her own identity for the love of her life. And now she no longer recognizes the woman on the other side of the mirror. Falling into his abyss, leaving him was her only choice to save herself. As the despair of the past ravages her sanity, every choice, every decision she makes rips through her with sickening terror. If only she knew where to turn.

Her friends, therapist, and priest fight to support Heather as she hunts for the answers she so desperately seeks. When an enigmatic specter and a disgraceful woman from her ex-lover’s past offer relief, does her determination plunge into an unfathomable nightmare.

Will she discover the answers before it’s too late?

*The Estranged is the companion to The Accursed, and reads parallel to Part III/Darkness, My Friend.

The second book of the series, The Condemend continues immediately where The Accursed leaves off. Chase got much more than he bargained for after that fateful night in the alley. Sometimes, death is merely the beginning.

The third book of the series, The Wicked, Heather and Chase attempt to piece together the fragments of their memories and their lives as they discover the evil motives of the mysterious Edison Rowley.

The final book, The Redeemed answers all of Chase and Heather's questions as they fight to reclaim their future together.



JG Koratzanis is a traveling man, in search of light and that which was lost. His Victim of Fate series is a tale of four novels, accompanied by short and side books about the darkness that dwells within the hearts of mankind, and the price they must pay for their misdeeds.

He enjoys illustrating and playing guitar on the rare occasions he is not spending time with his family, friends, Brothers, or writing.

The best way to get a hold of him is by Email. He's pretty good at responding within the same day.